Ing. Enea MatteiSpA designs, manufactures and sells rotary vane compressors on a worldwide scale. This exclusive and distinctive technology has made it one of the authorities in the market segment of compressed air. Every year the company makes 6,500 rotary vane compressors, exporting more than 50% of its production. Mattei is based in Vimodrone, in the province of Milan, and has two plants in Vimodrone and Verdello-Zingonia (Bergamo).

It has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Great Britain and the USA, representative offices in Russia, Spain and Singapore and numerous commercial partners in the rest of the world. Mattei was Founded in 1919.

Mattei compressors are installed and in use by majority of the Aluminium Smelters globally. These compressors have been designed to work active round the clock year round production with a temperature of -40 ̊ C to +75 ̊ C in elevated magnetic field and then aggressive atmosphere due to presence of fluoride and aluminium particles. The strength of Mattei in addition being a manufacturer is also a leader in development of innovative high performance solutions in the compressed air sector


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