Precimeter is a globally active company headquartered in Sweden with branch operations in Germany, U.S.A and China. Precimeter is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide to provide excellent service in the local markets.The core business focus of Precimeter is molten metal level and flow control. To achieve this Precimeter is divided in four different product areas. Precimeter Non Ferrous provides sensors and equipment for control of molten non ferrous metals, especially liquid aluminium. Precimeter Die Casting services the die casting industry with level probes. Metal transfer provides electromagnetic pumps for various metal transfer applications. The fourth area is Precimeter Ferrous foundry with equipment for molten metal level control in iron and steel foundries.

Precimeter is fully committed to customers and their needs. For more than twenty years Precimeter have been active in the field of molten metal level control and foundry automation. Every member of the Precimeter team is constantly involved in a learning process; extensive industry knowledge lays the foundation for continued work and product development. Precimeter remains fully committed to continuous development of our technology for better foundry processes and casting automation.

Major aluminium plants around the world including India,use Precimeter equipment to monitor and/or control the flow of molten metals. The companies that use our equipment are given a solid step forward towards success.


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