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Bruno Presezzi

Bruno Presezzi is an Italian Engineering-Manufacturing company of machinery for the production and processing of Aluminium and zinc strip, with the process facility of twin roll continuous casting. Bruno Presezzi has been a worldwide reliable supplier for caster cores and shells both in traditional and patent configuration since for more than 30 years.

The Bruno PRESEZZI Patented roll design, with grooved shell, allows better productivity and durability, and reduced maintenance, because of its improved cooling efficiency.

Five of their machines supplied to M/s ProfilGlass s.p.a,Italy, One machine supplied to M/s AK Aluminium, Two machines along with melting and holding furnaces supplied to M/s Alumil Tech Gulf .At present one machine is under installation in Europe which is going to be completed very shortly. In India Presently Bruno Presezzi is supplying Caster Shell to Hindalco Industries Limited’s all Continuous Caster plants.Bruno Presezzi casting lines are providing satisfactory performance in terms of strip quality, reliability and also user friendly operations. .



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