T.T Tomorrow Technology

T.T Tomorrow Technology

T.T Tomorrow Technology S.P.A, the company who designs and builds automatic plants and vehicles for the primary as well as secondary processing of metals.

Some of the automatic plants for Aluminium Production are as followings:

Multifunctional Furnace Tending Vehicles for charging, de-drossing, stirring and cleaning of Aluminium furnaces.Automatic Charging Equipments for Aluminium melting furnaces.Systems for de-drossing, stirring and cleaning Aluminium furnaces.Metal Tapping and Transport Vehicles.Special Transport Vehicles for Aluminium scrap handling.Special Transport Vehicles for Aluminium coils, slabs and billets.Aluminium fluoride alumina and bath feeder vehicles.Anode transport vehicles, Metal-bath handling and tapping systems.Crucible transporters, Crucible cleaning machines, hot and cold type.

T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.P.A also manufacture Anode slot cutting machines, Anode sawing machines, Anode cleaning stations, Roller conveyors for anode handling, Tilting tables, tumblers and raisers for anode handling

The operative profile of T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.P.A. is completed by the presence of a technical staff for the analysis of revamping and modernization projects for obsolete vehicles and plants and for after-sales assistance.T.T. Tomorrow Technology is supplying their plants/ vehicles to all leading producer of Aluminium world-wide including India.


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