About Us

Elmech’s Introduction

Elmech represents companies in India from all over the globe, who supply their equipments, technology, services and consumables to primary & secondary Aluminium plants that includes primary Aluminium producers, Remelt plants, Foll plants, Extrusion plants, etc. Elmech very much focused on the new developments taking place in the Aluminium sector. Elmech is committed to bring the tried , tested and proven technology & equipments from around the world to make itavailable to the Indian Aluminium Industry. Elmech aims at getting the world best equipments manufactured in India though its network under the supervision and guidance of prime equipments and technology suppliers.

Elmech’s strength includes several industry experts from the Aluminium field under whose guidance young engineers of elmech are groomed to handle field activities.

Elmech is considered a trustworthy partner by the primary and secondary Aluminium producers in India , considering the decade old experience they enjoy with companies introduced by Elmech.

We are an organization who is exclusively working in the area of Aluminum smelter / Aluminum Refinery and dealing with companies supplying their introducing products to different plants in India.


Elmech’s Specialisation

  • Identifying the right supplier as per requirement of the plant
  • Assisting the buyer to source the latest and proven equipments to achieve cost effectiveness.
  • Facilitate between the buyer and overseas supplier.
  • Identify customer problem and help them to get the right solutions from our experts.
  • Ensuring the end user gets the right after-sales service from overseas supplier.
  • Inform and educate the end user/plant on the latest developments, new technologies, and upgrades available.
  • Ensuring timely delivery of materials and services.
  • Advise about Competitors activities to our principals.
  • Provide market Intelligence.
  • Arranging the meeting with project procurement teams.
  • Coordination with consultants.
  • Arrange local partner / Contractor /Supplier / Consortium / partner if required to carry out the site activities of construction, engineering, mechanical jobs etc.
  • Assisting on the commercial terms and conditions.
  • Assisting in pricing of final quotes.
  • Assisting in drawing final approvals.

Elmech’s Team

Our team comprises of fifteen people, five Engineers, three administrative staff, three field workers, three senior Consultants. We all operate from our office based in Bhubaneswar,  Capital city of Odisha as the major plants are located in the state of Odisha such as NALCO, VEDANTA, HINDALCO. Our team Comprises of experts from Aluminium plants who have more than combined experience of thirty years of working experience in Aluminium Industry

Training Of Elmech Team Members

Elmech team members are regularly trained by the visiting technical experts from our business associates. Latest technological advancement and development informations are being should regularly foreigner experts to keep Elmech team members up to date .

Elmech team members are being trained for emergency assistance to the plants in case of break down.




Our Clients