Drache Umwelttechnik GmbH, is world’s leading manufacturer of Ceramic foam filters (CFF).The product range includes Ceralu AL2O3 filters for Aluminium cast houses,Cerapor LD filters for Aluminium foundries, Cerasic SIC filters for iron foundries and Cerazik ZrO2 filters for steel foundries. Drache Ceralu AL2O3 filters for Aluminium cast houses have a very good chemical resistance and are suitable for all kinds of alloys, including those with high magnesium content and aerospace alloys. Drache manufactures these filters in all standard dimensions starting from 7” up to 26” and porosities starting from 10 PPI up to 70 PPI.Drache also manufactures Ceralu HF filter for very high metal flow rates and Ceralu duplex filter which combines two different porosities in one filter.

Further products made by Drache are Fused Silica components, e.g. launder segments, filter boxes, spouts, stoppers and hot-top rings, designed for Aluminium cast houses. For filter boxes with pre-heating system and launder systems, the complete engineering services are offered by Drache as well. The product range is completed by Boron Nitride coating (DBN 25), advanced ceramic components made from Silicon Nitride and Aluminium Titanate as well as parts made from calcium Silicate.

Drache manufactures all sizes of filter boxes, starting with small 7” and 9” filter boxes and include larger ones of 23” and 26”, as well as double filter boxes. The main purpose of filter box is to support the ceramic foam filter for proper heating in order to meet today’s casting speed, metal quality & ease of maintenance and also ensures a trouble-free priming procedure of the filter, even for fine porosities. Special designs, such as boxes with left-sided or right-sided outlets are also available.

Drache manufactures a wide range of launder segments, ranging from small segments for continuous casting to segments for billet and rolling ingot casting and large segments for transfer launders. The choice of the launder cross section is made on the basis of the casting speed of the system to ensure an optimal combination of the turbulence-free flow of metal in the launder and minimised heat loss. All launder segments are distinguished by their excellent erosion resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance and non-wettability. The proven Drache Fused Silica is generally used for casting launders.

Major Aluminium processing plants around the worldincluding India use Drache products for their Slab casting, Billet casting, Wire Rod casting and other casting facilities.


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